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inaugural project - 'Birth'

In the spirit of honing in on the essence of what the LINK concept and orchestra represents, our inaugural project and concert will appropriately bear the title 'Birth'. 


It will feature our first collaborative cross-platform work, which will include a collaboration between BP Portrait Award winning artist Charlie Schaffer, and composer James Barrett, culminating in the premiere performance of a newly revised violin concerto 'First Born' alongside an exhibition of paintings. There will be various other offshoots to the project, including an educational strand which will grow in an organic way as the collaboration gains momentum.

This is an intrinsic part of the ethos of what LINK orchestra stands for. To sow seeds, let them germinate, and flower into something strong. 

Head of an Actor.jpg

future projects

LINK orchestra will be establishing a series of exciting cross-platform projects in a variety of guises to accompany and run alongside each concert. There will also be a variety of offshoots and smaller arts projects facilitated through the organisation, including an educational strand. 

Each project will be a 'mini festival' of creative energy and ideas. 

Through a detailed network, LINK orchestra will bring musicians, painters, dancers, poets, sculptors, film makers, performance artists, photographers, illustrators and a plethora of other genres together, including science and innovation, to create a fertile hub and test-bed for the Arts in the UK.

Break Dancer
Splattered Paint
Old Book
Performance Art
Film Set
Symphony orchestra first violin section
3D Sculpture
Two Women Dancing
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