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uniting the creative spectrum

the LINK concept

LINK aims to act as a germinator and catalyst for collaborative creativity across all artistic disciplines and platforms. To turn ideas and seeds of artistic thought  into reality through collaboration, and make them branch out and grow. To act as a fertile hub across the creative spectrum, and to be the facilitator for extraordinary Arts projects that are bigger than the sum of the parts.

our mission

To stand as a beacon of excellence in professional musical performance, both for existing standard classical music repertoire, for new music, and for cross-platform arts projects.

To act as a LINK between past and present in classical music and the arts.


To educate and constantly stimulate creativity, in order to find new paths for musical performance and arts collaborations in our ever changing and increasingly challenging world environment. 


To question the language, values and essence of contemporary music and art as an extension of the past.  

To unite and LINK demographic age groups of the concert-going audience, through introducing the older generation to inspirational new multi-faceted projects, culminating in performances that ignite the imagination through collaborative creativity; and introducing the younger generation to the highest quality performances of classical music, both contemporary and historical.

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